First manufactured in 1949, Solotica has been making high-quality contact lenses in a range of prescriptions, colors, styles, and collections for over 70 years. As a Brazilian company, they are proudly inspired by the vibrancy of Brazilian culture and the colorful elements of the largest country in South America and channel this clearly into their range of color contact lenses collections, color choices, and products at every opportunity.

Solotica’s status as an industry leader in the contact lens industry has led them to create an extensive portfolio of collections, which include both prescription and non-prescription lenses, as well as natural and costume-colored lenses, which are available daily, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly prescription options (making them extremely cost-effective). 

Named the ‘world’s most naturally colored contact lenses’, their hyper-realistic colored contact lens collections are renowned for their high quality, excellent selection, and beautiful color combinations. The six collections include both subtle hues and bold statement lenses to alter your natural look however you please, crafted and inspired by over seventy years of experience. 

Solotica Products

Solotica prioritizes beautiful color, exceptional quality, and affordability without compromise.  From the deep greens of the Amazon Rainforest to the rich oranges and reds of the deserts in Brazil, as the world’s fifth-largest country, the country is full to the brim of diversity, color, and excitement. Representing this diversity in an exciting range of colored contact lenses enables colored contact lens wearers to stay up to date with the latest beauty trends, upcoming holidays, events, and more. 

The Solotica Lens Collection

Despite Solotica’s vast color range and lens prescription choice, quality is never compromised. To ensure lenses are comfortable enough for daily use, the actual lenses are versatile and utilize the latest pioneering technology to ensure the crisp, clear vision is always achieved. Whether you’re someone who wants boost to their everyday look, you’re ready to try out a new color for the Fall, or just want to make a one-off statement, there is something for everyone. Every collection combines beautiful pigments with high-quality lenses for the ultimate contact lens look.

Between the collections there are variations of stunning color combinations and unique Limbal Ring additions to ensure customers from all over the world can find their perfect match, which means whether you’re going for a bold or understated natural look, each collection is sure to impress. 

Daily Colored Contact Lenses

Perfect to add a new dynamic to your day-to-day vibe, these daily prescription collections include the gorgeous Aquarella daily collection. Featuring five stunning shades including combinations of Blue, Gray, Brown and Green, this collection is sure to bring style with convenience to your everyday look. 

Monthly Colored Contact Lenses

Our monthly collections showcase a beautiful collection of shades and pigments that highlight all natural shades perfectly. From our popular Hidrocor Monthly collection that features our bestsellers to our esteemed Solflex Natural Colors family of lenses, monthly prescriptions are perfect for those that want to pick and choose their look depending on their mood, whenever they please, with an understated yet stunning natural finish every single time. 

Whether you’re looking for a softer look with Hidrocor monthly lenses or a starker contrast with Soflex collection, these beautiful collections of monthly lenses make it easier than ever to experiment with your look. 

Quarterly Colored Contact Lenses

The newest launched by this global brand, Aquarella Quarterly bring the latest contact lens technology and color opacity to the market in a 3-month lens. With 6 stunning shades to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.

Yearly Colored Contact Lenses

Boasting up to 365 days of wear, these yearly prescriptions of natural colored contact lenses make changing up your look as simple as ever. Yearly contact lenses may be a great option for those who would like to make a more long-term change to their look with ease and at the highest quality. Available in the Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors collection, and available with or without prescription, these lenses are highly cost-efficient and offer a range of stunning colors.

Selecting The Collection For You

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to selecting the best natural colored contact lenses, the most popular colors are Mel, Avela and Ocre. These colors add a beautiful hue to your eye look and are a great way to make your make-up look stand out or bring a fresh change to your daily go-to cat-flick eyeliner. Whatever color takes your fancy, the choice is yours!

Why choose Solotica? 

Deciding on a brand to trust with your vision is no easy feat. 

Aside from our vast product portfolio and years of experience, Solotica prioritize the health and wellbeing of all customers above all else. Their range of accreditations are recognized internationally to set the reputation as a global business of exceptional quality.

Their international certifications include the following manufacturing and processing certifications so that you can use Solotica contact lenses with confidence:

Solotica Hidrocor and Natural Colors lenses are FDA Approved and are recognized worldwide for their quality. So, with fast delivery, dedicated sales advisors and a hands-on order process that lets you shop by color, prescription, or order cycle, the team at Solotica works with you every step of the way to ensure your experience is unparalleled, setting us in a space above the rest.