In marriage, there’s frequently a conflict between intimacy and separation. You would like to be close to your spouse but retain your own identity or independence. There are times when you wish to be by yourself and others you’d like to feel connected. It is possible to use words which express unity when referring to the connection you desire. The therapist Erich Fromm observed this about humanity in his book the Art of Loving (1956).

” Man-of all ages and different cultures has to find the solution to identical question that is how to overcome the separation of people and how to attain union as well as transcending the individuality of one’s life, and the fine atonement ” (p. 9.). HuwelijksBijbel

One way to overcome the feeling of being apart is by joining forces with someone else by marriage. If you do decide to marry to break that separation and loneliness, you wish to never be alone ever again. The marriage in this case is a form of insurance against being lonely. One of the major concerns with this idea is that it creates the conditions for a series of marriages to take place. In the case of serial marriages you could be involved in and out of several marriages. If one is not successful, you will find someone else to replace the person who is missing from your life.

It is possible to view marriage as just an issue of sharing a home with someone else or having a roommate with certain privileges, but it the absence of any other particular significance. In such instances, it is simply a box to be checked on their tax returns that is a description of your present living arrangements. Another variant is that marriage refers to the person you are sleeping with. This does not mean you are obligated to the person nor do they possess any special rights over the bed you. This means that you’ve got an legal backstop to ensure that you will always have one person who can keep you warm in the winter even if you do not make any claims of exclusivity, that is commonly referred to as an open marriage.

You could be among the people who marry for more than just a marriage. Because marriage can be a way to have an intimate connection with someone else. It’s about having an uncanny sense of connection and a sense of unity. It’s more than getting over your separation. You would like to have the same kind of relationship with an individual. You believe that marriage brings two individuals on many levels.

When you hear other people speak about marriage, it isn’t clear what type of relationship they’re discussing. While they all use the term “marriage,” the meaning they use when they say that word differs widely.

There are many misconceptions about weddings, many couples overlook this more fundamental goal of building intimacy. They instead believe that marriage is the sole purpose of the marriage ceremony. The ceremony is performed in order to gain the approval of society and to provide their children with two parents, and to obtain special tax-free status. If you make the marriage ceremony the goal of the ceremony, the misunderstanding can lead to many people to re-evaluate the meaning of marriage and its significance.

Instead of being a significant occasion, it is now just another business transaction. The main reason for this trend is the move away from the church’s approval of marriage to the official approval of marriage. In earlier times there were none of these marriage certificates. Marriage was not thought of as a matter of God and was instead the responsibility of the government. The government’s role in the marriage process was limited, so there was no need for a license. The government did not have a say on who got married. The church determined when a couple should be got married. When marriage was held in the church the uniqueness of the ceremony and ritual was emphasized.

The inquiry “Is marriage losing its significance?” is easily answered with an easy -NO. The importance of marriage is huge to people. Many people in the US are calling for Congress and state legislators to approve legislation regarding the marriage. It is evident that the importance of getting married appears to be growing.