Long-term smoking of electronic cigarettes, have you any changes?
I don’t know if it’s long term.
I started vaping last August and got my first vape pack.
The first time I came into contact with e-cigarettes was when I was hanging out with friends. She bought a disposable cigarette and it tasted good after smoking it. Out of curiosity, I took a sip too. It has a strong green bean ice cream flavor. It smells much better than tobacco.
Later, I learned that there are electronic cigarettes who sell the rods and change the cartridges by themselves. Since then, I have started the smoking career of electronic cigarettes.
When I used to smoke, I used about one pack a day. It can be said to be addictive, and the body exudes a smoke smell all the year round.
For me, the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes are as follows: The advantage is that there is no smoke on the body. One pod can last for four days, with little addiction. convenient. When you want to smoke, you can take two puffs when you go to the toilet to soothe your mood, and there is no odor on your body. There are many flavors to choose from.
For someone like me who likes fruit flavors, e-cigarettes can satisfy my need to try a variety of flavors. The disadvantage is that the oil leakage of the Yuedai bomb is really stuffy. 99 watermelon bombs three, one of them began to leak oil in the middle of the pump. drift? There’s also a generation of square-ended poles that often choke me in my pockets.
I’m used to having a few sips of refreshment as soon as I wake up in the morning, but I don’t know if it’s the cool bomb or my own. After pumping the spring water in the morning, the bombs are used up. The most frightening thing is that this year, I was still losing weight 20 minutes before the provincial civil service exam… occasionally retching.
I usually take it out for two or three breaths and stop, and sometimes I can’t stop retching after a few breaths. Maybe it’s my personal reason. Get up occasionally. Sometimes I feel dizzy after inhaling for a minute or two and then go back to normal. Physically, no abnormality has been found so far, and everything was normal during the physical examination in May. I just ordered a pole for the fourth generation of Yue K yesterday (the fifth generation is too ugly),
My first generation pole fell to the ground while traveling and was crushed by the car. When I went back to look for it, I saw it lay miserably on the ground, and then I broke it back with pliers and stuffed the pods for a while. . E-cigarettes are indisputable, it is definitely harmful, all cigarettes are harmful.
I don’t know when I can say goodbye to it. But when I am alone in a foreign land, in the late night of every overtime, in the lonely moments of unaccompanied, I touch it, even if I don’t put it in my mouth and suck it, there is a little comfort. Maybe it’s because no matter how difficult it is, I still have a channel to vent my bad emotions, which calms my heart a little bit.
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