For most of us moving house is very stressful and the idea of packing, dismantling furniture, moving,  unloading and unpacking sounds like a nightmare. It can be especially difficult if you need to move  house within a short time scale, are busy working, or looking after children. 

If this describes your situation, why not consider a full removals service let your removals company  take care of the move for you. This will save you hours of work and make the whole process a lot less  stressful. With a full removals service the moving company take care of the whole move. You can  then concentrate on notifying providers etc. 

Once you have chosen your removals company, discuss your move with them including any fragile or  large items. Just before your moving day they will send in a professional team to safely pack all your  possessions, where required dismantle any furniture and prepare everything ready for moving day. 

The removals company will also supply all packing materials, including specialist padded packing  covers, sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and specialist packing paper. Which will save you hours of time  trying to source these items or the expense of buying them. Most removal companies will also  provide things like wardrobe boxes, these are sturdy cardboard boxes with a rail, so you can lift  hangers from your wardrobe and hang the clothes in the box this makes it much easier to move  clothes and you don’t have to iron everything when you reach your new home. How you pack is  important, the team will pack your possessions quickly and correctly to minimise the risk of any  damages during transit. Packing is strenuous and time consuming and it always takes more time  than you might think, so let the experts take care of it for you. 

To help prevent damage and problems when moving larger pieces of furniture, as part of a full  service removals service the team will carefully dismantle the items, protect them with padded  covers or moving blankets and then reassemble when you reach your new property.  

If you are busy or just want to avoid the stress and hassle of packing let the experts do this all for  you and make your move less stressful.