Marketing your website or blog with articles has become very popular because the ease of writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Many internet users have come to realize just how powerful this simple method of advertising can be. Writing and submitting articles not only bring traffic to your website or blog but they also can be used to build back-links to your website which helps increase your search engine rankings.

Along with popularity though comes new demands to accomplish many task as fast as possible and as easy as possible. With these new demands writers, authors, and article marketers expect to have a solution that is going to meet their needs. When a solution is needed then new technologies start to emerge to bring article marketing to a whole new level.

There are just a handful of article directories that are taking notice to these new demands. These article directories are are building new functions and features into their websites to accommodate not only current authors and writers, but to attract new writers and authors. Along with building new technologies some article directories are granting more exposure to the authors and writers by removing all ads from the article directory website.

Using technology many new tools are being used to make article marketing easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. Tools such as content creation that will allow you to add html, images, video, flash, and more directly into your articles. Tools that allow the transformation of articles into pdf articles that could be used for short reports and even as full ebooks.

There are many other new tools that are being created that can help with the submission of articles and the changing of articles content. Some new tools even allow the ability to dripfeed your wordpress blog with articles putting your blog on auto-pilot. Imagine placing all your blogs on pure auto-pilot so you can have more time to do article marketing.

Many other tools exist and new tools are being created to cater to writers and authors. In the coming months there will be a wide range of brand new technology and unique tools that will advance the article marking industry even further than it has been before.

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