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A significant moment which is known to cause much stress is when it comes time to moving homes! Whether you are moving to a suburb nearby or packing up and moving abroad, both entail enormous amounts of preparation and packing. To relieve the stress involved in the whole process gifts can make a great idea to relieve the tension in the whole process. Welcoming new homeowners into their new found humble abode through a gift is an everlasting tradition which is admired all around world.

Usually when we first think of gifts to give to new home owners, or that new neighbor who just moved in, it revolves around food. E.g.  cake, basket of goodies etc. However why not stand out from the crowd and get them a personalized home gift which they will cherish. You may be thinking that its hard to find such a unique personalized gift, but the truth its not as hard as you may think!

Personalized new home gifts can range to anything from kitchen utilities, bedroom sheets, toiletries, and decorative elements for the salon. These are popular gifting choices, however if you want your gift to stand out above the rest, we recommend you continue reading this blog to find out what the most unique and original new home gift ideas are!


We have to be honest to ourselves and admit that we love to feel unique and poses items that others do not. This isn’t to say we are being selfish, but rather being proud in the fact that we each are different and enjoy what makes us different.

Personalized new home gifts convey the extent of how much the person gifting such a gift empathizes with us. It shows they have taken the time to go above and beyond the typical gift in order to show the level of love they have for us. If this is something which describes what you want to achieve in a gift to that special someone you know is moving into their new home, below we describe what you can gift them.



Cheese boards displaying various cheese, deserts and hors d’oeuvres are a sleek and elegant house warming gift that will be sure to put a smile on the persons face! Because who doesn’t love cheese! The way the cheese board is displayed is of paramount importance to its effectiveness at lighting up the face and heart of the persona receiving the gift.

If you want to stand out then make sure you choose a cheese board with a marble plate, this makes your cheese board unique as opposed to the traditional and over used option of a wood board. The marble plate will also aid in keeping all things placed on it cold and lasting longer. If you are keen on going above and beyond expectations personalizing the cheese board with engraved lettering. This is achieved on a wood board, whereby you can engrave the new home owners’ names or a heartfelt message to uplift their spirits.

Canvas On Demand

So, consider a cheeseboard which is a perfect housewarming gift if the person moving homes Is known to be a foodie and lover of cooking. Just remember if the person is really much of a cook, they can always use the cheeseboard as a display piece or a kitchen utility cutting tray after they have eaten all the goodies on it! 



Personalized imagery involves using images on whatever materials your heart desires in order to create a unique gift. For example, you can place your image or any design you have in mind on various decorative house hold elements such as cushions, doormats and vases. The possibilities are endless when you can use anything from custom lettering, illustrations and even photos. The most decorative and tasteful option that can uplift a new homers interior design is a canvas, especially ones with custom wording.

Canvas On Demand


To make a home feel inviting, comfy and resonate with a loving energy, it must embody and display beautiful pictures across its walls. The home owner’s personality must shine and express itself through the walls of their new home in the form of decorative elements such as canvas prints. Canvas prints are a great gifting idea because they can become a creative and inspiring focal point to any room in a home. Bing!

Canvas prints are traditionally known to just display images, however know you can go above and beyond the typical canvas design by buying a custom word art typographic canvas with custom wording. Custom word art canvases are sold by us here at Canvas Gang, we specialize in the field which is why we are favorites in the space. We have a very simple 3 step process to creating your very own custom word art canvas as described below

  1. Choose any photo you would like to have on canvas.   
  2. Choose any words of your choice which will be used in forming your photo!
  3. Our designers will send you a preview of your custom word art canvas. If you like it, we will print it!
Canvas On Demand


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At Canvas Gang we make this a reality by delivering to you the freshest ready to hang custom canvas designs with a twist!

We transform your photos into custom framed wall art made out of words of your choosing to create your very own unique canvas art that speaks to you!

Some of life’s moments are too special to remain hidden in that old photo book collecting dust or buried in a mobile gallery. Our goal is to ensure your most cherished memories are brought to life using the words you desire to convey the meaning of a moment/photo in life you treasure! 

A custom word art canvas from Canvas Gang will make a great addition to any bedroom, living room, lounge area, dining room, family area, home office, guest room, man cave and /or gaming room.

Are you after a gift with meaning? If so, creating a custom word art canvas would make a memorable gift needed to put that smile on anyone’s face. Wherever you hang your custom word art canvas it is sure to impress all your guests and turn heads! 


We value quality, which is why we provide high resolution prints on 360 GSM canvas material, stretched across a 3 cm frame made of robust kiln-dried wood. So rest assured, as our canvases tick all the boxes for constructional strength, durability, aesthetics and visual quality.


In order to protect your canvas photo prints, each custom canvas print is sealed with a coating that makes them resistant to ultraviolet light, dust and water. This makes sure you won’t have to worry about sun exposure fading your canvas or anything else damaging it.


We embody passion with the work we do, all team members at Canvas Gang are designers with years of experience and have successfully put smiles on thousands of customers face!  For this reason, we are both proud and confident in the quality of our products to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer free shipping worldwide and all our canvases come framed and ready to hang to eliminate to the hard work of your hands.


We all know that one gift giver in our life which pulls at our heart strings through the uniqueness of their presents.  So, if you want to be a great gift giver and achieve the same level of power in your gifting ability, you should always gift something personal. Nothing achieves this better than a custom word art canvas. It showcases your love, thoughts and time you have taken out of your busy schedule to put a smile on a loved one’s face. And this will not go un-noticed in the hearts and mind of the person receiving the gift!


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