Colposcopes are lighted binocular microscopes specially designed for different gynecologic procedures. With them, you can directly observe the vaginal or cervical area, and easily diagnose disorders such as uterine cancer, tumors, vaginal or uterine erosions and inflammation. These products can easily provide a magnified view of images.

Specifications and User-friendly Features

For viewing comfort, colposcopes are equipped with user-friendly features such as Quartz Halogen bulb, variable intensity rheostat, high magnification eye pieces, dual diopters and more. There are models available with binocular or trinocular heads with varying magnifications, working distances, field of view (FOV) and zoom magnifications. The dual diopter feature of these medical instruments allows the user to independently adjust the eyepieces for natural vision. This helps to eliminate eye strain while performing gynecological diagnosis. Most of them possess adjustable height center post with a suspension system for S-video and digital camera options.

At present, both binocular and trinocular models with three and five legged sturdy mobile bases are also available. The trinocular versions are equipped with built-in C-mount camera adapter for user comfort. Certain models are supplied with consumables, optional accessories or spare parts for replacing the damaged parts.

Use Quality Products for Successful Gynecologic Examinations

Today, colposcopes enjoy high demand in the medical industry. With a large number of colposcopes being introduced in the commercial market, the suppliers and dealers of these products are also increasing in number. So it is important to find a reliable provider who can give you quality products. Colposcopes from manufacturers like Unico are proven to deliver high performance. Colpo-Master I and II series of these products are the best selling models available from Unico.

Find Good Dealers Online

For a satisfying shopping experience, it is advisable to find expert dealers in the industry. If you search online, you can find plenty of great deals. Good dealers offer warranty for the products they sell and provide better installation, repair and maintenance services.

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