If you’re considering creating a new ceramic tile design for any room in your home, you’re in luck. The growth in the home improvement industry means that there are more ceramic tiles available today than ever before. The only limitation is your imagination as you decide what look represents you best.

Herringbone Tiles

You may already have a theme in mind but you’ll want to make sure you choose a color scheme and pattern that will look great. You might like a standard look with symmetrically stacked square or diamond-shaped tiles featuring only a few accent colors. This look is classic, elegant, and timeless and will be sure to please for years to come.

Maybe you’re style is a little more funky. You might want to opt for asymmetrical shapes and bold accent colors to place on walls, sinks or floors to make your new design pop. Have fun experimenting but make sure you plan your new design on paper before permanently installing the tiles on any surface. Once tiles are installed and the adhesive has set, they can be really difficult and messy to remove.

Check out various popular patterns like brick, herringbone, ribbon, pinwheel and basket weave designs. Brick and herringbone tile designs are great for smaller spaces whereas basket weaves and pinwheels require more surface space to produce the desired result. Keep in mind that larger tiles may look overbearing and out of place is small spaces. This is why taking proper measurements of the area you wish to tile is a very important step when deciding on new ceramic tile designs for your home.

Mosaic tile design has become popular again in recent years. Many people want an ancient an exotic look and use ceramic mosaic-style tiling to accomplish this. Mosaic tiles can be very detailed and picturesque and work best as accent pieces. If you are looking to add a beautiful artistic touch to your bathroom, you may want to consider adding a few mosaic tiles to your design which will surely impress anyone who sees them.

Gather ceramic tile design ideas from friends, home improvement stores, and online sources to help you decide which will work best for you. Don’t forget to factor in cost and difficulty of installation if money and time are a major concern. There are plenty of choices available so there’s no doubt you can create a look that’s uniquely your own.