Coworking – A Treasure for Startups: Workspace and Community

Coworking is a method of working that’s not only a means of starting a business as well as beating the entrepreneurial blues. It’s a low-cost method for support as well as office spaces. coworking space

Space and talent sharing

Coworking is a growing trend in a new way to work. In addition to entrepreneurs, professionals who work from home or independent contractors, or those who travel often find themselves working in a sense of solitude. Coworking is a social gathering of of individuals who still work on their own but share common values and are drawn to the synergy which can result when working with other talented people within the same environment.coworking

A few coworking spaces were created by internet entrepreneurs who were traveling around looking for alternatives to working in cafes and coffee shops or being isolated working from home or in an office that is independent. The movement is expanding and more and more coworking spaces are opening throughout the US and across many other countries around the world. The trend is worldwide and the term “coworking” is also used in different languages, such as ‘(c)spaces coworking” . coworking space ottawa

The popularity of coworking has grown quickly

The estimates suggest that there were coworking locations within the in 2011, an increase of almost 90% from the previous year. The increase in coworking spaces is due to the advancement of technologies such as cloud computing, as well as the increase of freelancers and women in the workforce and also startups.

According to Jane Hodges of the Wall Street Journal states, “Telecommuters, entrepreneurs, and those who work for themselves all wrestle with the logistics of working in a solo setting. In their homes, employees have to contend with isolation and distraction from their homes. In the coffee shop on the corner with free WiFi the privacy isn’t enough and a lack of outlets, and the noise of coffee orders being shouted throughout the day.”

The different co-working environments offer slightly different interpretations

Office Nomads from Seattle affirm, “Coworking is not a desk rental business. It’s not about printers or conference rooms. The coworking concept is about individuals. Coworking spaces unite individuals who are working independently and provide the workers with a place in which they can collaborate with each other in a communities.”

New Work City in New York have a similar statement to the samethings “We’re the place to gather for people who share a desire for a place to work that is both productive and social, but also professional and conducive for working. We’re not a space for office work. We don’t rent desks. There are many companies in NYC which offer these services. We’re part of a group of them. Instead of renting desks we provide memberships.”

In a joint statement, the people of Austin, Texas say they, “provide a creative environment for entrepreneurs that promotes collaboration. Through a process, only the smallest needs are met and you are left with the ability to discover your passions or pursue them. Innovation happens when you collaborate with people who share a mission.” It’s a coworking area that is home to the growing number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and workers on the move who are exhausted of working on their own.

For people who are on mobility, coworking areas are throughout

A “coworking” visa is a brand new concept that allows members who are active in the same space to travel to another coworking space at no cost. Spaces that are currently participating are in 25 cities within the US with an increasing number in cities that are not in the US. Loosecubes connects spaces with empty workspaces to those who require the space. The company has found that coworking could result in new employment opportunities relationships, partnerships, referrals and even friendships.

Coworking space is available with a wide range of pricing plans. They are often based upon monthly agreements and differ based on the the amount of usage. In addition, there are rentals on an ‘as-needed basis, based on the week or day or solely to use an office space. Other services could also be offered, like copies, printing mail address or storage locker. The deals generally offer coffee. Regus is the managed office space provider, provides Businessworld which is a subscription program with membership cards that can be used at the 1,200 offices they manage.

Directory of Coworking can join you

Coworking has become a common practice, mostly in urban areas, across the globe directories are appearing so that you are able to locate a workspace that is available. Certain directories are restricted to specific geographic regions or countries. LiquidSpace can be a good example. LiquidSpace is a mobile-based app that connects users who are looking for workspace with places which offer space for sharing. Premium business centers, hip co-working spaces for startups hotel rooms, and other private spaces are all listed.

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