Being in a retirement home the Currie Ezip 1000 solved one the biggest issues we faced. We are close to a lot of the communities’ attractions but not close enough that we can walk there. A lot of our neighbors own golf carts, however the numerous features of Ezip 1000’s features made it a better choice for us. Ezip 1000 made it a better option for us. golf scooter

A golf cart was not feasible for us, since there’s no room to store it. We also don’t even play golf. We were unaware that electric scooters could be a solution when one of our friends walked through the house with one.

She was running at a decent pace which is why we didn’t have the time to interrupt her or ask some questions. We did have her contact number and decided to call her. motorcycle cart golf

The model was developed in the hands of Currie Technologies, a company with a solid reputation for eco-friendly products. They have a broad product range of electric scooters that are geared towards older children and adults. koppla swift

It is the Currie Ezip 1000 is their “top of the line” model and is loved by adults. It comes with a weight of 260 pounds that is, luckily, perfect for me and my wife.

She then explained that the car did an excellent job in climbing the hills of our community. This is because of its powerful motor that is 1000 watts in power and its lightweight weight of just 85 pounds.

The car has an maximum speed of 15 mph which is the speed limit for the majority of our communities.

Currie Technologies is noted for their “cutting edge” battery technology. This particular model comes with three 12 volt batteries within its battery pack. This provides around 40 minutes of continuous riding and it was able to meet our requirements perfectly!

Space is limited and so the foldable handles are a huge advantage. It’s also fun to drive with the twist grip throttle as well as disc brakes in the rear and front. Click here koppla golf scooter