Make your selection by following our helpful 10 top tips for selecting the best web design agency.

1.) Visit their website

Do you enjoy it? Does it appeal to you? Does it include all kinds of abilities you’re seeking? e.g. excellent web design, well-designed user interface robustly built, and compatible with mobile devices. Do you like it?κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων

2.) Request to examine their portfolio

Do you think the cases studies are up-to-date? Do you recognize the business names? Try an Google search and confirm whether the businesses exist and share the same website as the agency created. Are you pleased with the web design they’ve created? Check out if they reflect the brand effectively? Would you consider using this site? Do they have any experience in web design in your industry? Does the website’s design satisfy their needs?seo

3.) Refer to the References

Ask the website agency if they could provide you with references or testimonials from their customers. When you receive these testimonials, ensure that you verify them. Contact the customers and verify whether the testimonials are authentic.

In the end, you should inquire whether the agency is been operating for. It doesn’t necessarily matter however it can help to know the level of experience.

4.) Capabilities

All agencies are good at certain things, but not in others. Find out the areas they’ve worked in and the areas they can do well. They often tend to favor one technology for managing content or the other. In most cases, it is beneficial to check the CVs of every employee employed. The top agencies have a mix of development, online marketing and creativity. When you’ve got specific needs create a list of them and inquire about they are proficient in specific areas.κατασκευή eshop

5) Levels of Availability – Service levels

Make sure they fulfill your requirements. A lot of firms have a client account team located in the UK however their primary development team might be located in another location. You should ensure you have an actual phone number, not the email addresses (and not an expensive number). Contact the web design company to inquire how long it takes for replying to emails.

6) Resourcing

You would like your web design company to be large enough to guarantee that your account manager goes off due to illness or on vacation, your business won’t be lost.

Are you more comfortable with a bigger agency, with better resources, or a smaller, less flexible company? The best practice is to choose a web-based agency with a budget that is based on the amount of work and projects you’ll need. If you’re employing 1000 people however your budget for development and marketing is fairly small then you’re likely to require an agency with 5-10 employees. If you’re averaging 100 employees however, you are heavily dependent on outsourcing projects, a larger company could be more appropriate. One size does not fit all!

7.) The age of the agency

Age isn’t the only factor to consider however in the field of web design it is a significant element. The web has experienced a variety of changes in a very brief period of time. If an agency for designing websites has been operating for more than five years, it is evident that it has been run effectively. The internet has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous businesses and those who live to tell the story have clearly been well-run.

8.) Are the employees friendly and professional?

It’s crucial to establish a connection with the individuals who manage your account. The most successful results can be achieved when you establish an alliance with your web company.

Do they offer an off-the-shelf product or do they modify their offerings to meet your specific needs? Do they employ a lot of jargon, or do they explain the concepts clearly? Did they offer relevant recommendations that are appropriate for your company? Too often, companies attempt to sell you products that you don’t require and that aren’t tailored to your specific needs.

9) Go through the conditions and terms of the agency.

This is crucial and can help avoid issues further in the future. Here are some good questions to ask:

Are there hidden costs such as set-up fees or hold fees?

Are you able to make staged payments for your website project?

Are maintenance and updates included in the cost of design?

Are bug fixes billed for?

Do you have a copy of the original files?

Who is the owner of the source code?

Who owns the copyright to the design?

Are the files backup?

Does it work with smartphones?

10.) Does the company outsource its work?

Find out if your project will be designed internally or is outsourced. Meet with the technical or design team. If your work is to be outsourced, discover which contact information you have to reach the team? There are numerous instances of companies that have an account management group and in-house development teams. It’s typical for the technical development process to be conducted offshore as the resources available are less expensive. The issue with this approach is ensuring the quality of work that is produced.