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Regular readers will know that I’m all about marketing, communication and, of course, hotend. Recently, I have written articles focused on topics related to marketing and data-driven communication. We should not neglect the printed piece since it is an essential element of any complete marketing strategy. This article we’ll review three different types of printing we can utilize in a profitable marketing campaign. In particular offset printing and digital printing, and hybrid printing.


Offset printing, also known as traditional litho printing, is the process of having ink transferred onto a roll to create a printing plate that can absorb the ink, and then create an image on blanket. The material (paper) rolls on the blanket, and the image is printed on paper. In full colour printing, the method typically uses four primary colors in order to create all the other colors we observe. The primary colors are cyan magenta, black and yellow. That’s why you’ll occasionally see four-color process printing called CMYK. It is also possible to use spot colors when your project needs a precise color match (leave an answer in the event that you’d like to know the details about color spot).

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Offset printing is typically employed to print longer runs. When I say longer runs, I am referring to a higher amount of pages, or sheets of paper that must be printed. There are numerous types of offset presses that range from one color presses that can print sheets of up to 8 1/2×11 to large web presses that can print everything from everyday newspaper up to millions of books. There is also a wide range of presses for special occasions such as envelopes as well as raised printing, among other. If you’re planning to print a job to do, ensure that your service provider is equipped with the most effective equipment to manage your job in the most efficient and cost-effective way feasible.

The idea offset is a good option for many static documents.


Digital printing, the segment that is part of printing growing the fastest was first introduced in the latter half of the 80s and into the early 90s. In the past, the only available digital printing was in black and white. Nowadays there are numerous other options , such as toner-based color, ink-based digital color and a new technology that we are all familiar with: inkjet technology. In contrast to the inkjet printer that you utilize at home, industrial inkjet printers can print hundreds of pages every minute, and some can even produce 1,000.3D printing Australia

The most important aspect of digital printing contrasted to offset printing is that with digital printing, every sheet can be personalized. Digital printing is less expensive for smaller prints (fewer copies) because there aren’t plates, so there is less waste, and the colour is (generally) precise for the first sheet that comes from the press. Additionally, the printed document is dry when it leaves the press which means that turnaround times are significantly shorter.

To cut costs, many businesses are producing marketing materials in small batches to ensure that there is no inventory to keep track of and keep track of, and no risk of becoming obsolete. Further cost savings can be achieved when a web-to print solution is utilized, which saves administration time or proofing time as well as making it possible for tiny orders consolidated into larger orders, which reduces the total cost. It is also because of the ability that digital printing has to manage smaller-scale jobs with top quality outcomes.

However, short-run work is just one small portion of all that printing digitally could assist your business expand. When we come back to our discussion about data (sorry I’m not able to help myself) we can utilize this data to create individual, customized, and relevant printed marketing collateral that’s distinct for every one of your customers. For instance, if you’re selling the same item such as a pair jeans but the copy and images you intend to market to a 22-year-old woman who lives in New York City will be distinct from the ones you’d like to offer to a 50-year-old man in Douglas, Utah.

Digital printing lets you make use of variables in data. In its simplest form it is a form of variable data printing that is similar to a standard mail merge software you could utilize on your personal computer (as real variable data printing is much more intricate and requires expert programming my team of digital printers could be astonished should they come across the analogy). In spite of my safety concerns, the capability to print customized high-speed and high-quality, full-color collateral is a way to create marketing materials in mass quantities which are unique to every recipient. The process of personalizing can boost the response rate by 20 to 30 percent. When employed in conjunction with an overall cross-media marketing program, that same design can be used to create personalized page landings (PURLS) as well as email.

Point: Point Digital printing is great for short runs and customized, variable-data projects.


Hybrid printing combines of the finest features of offset printing and digital printing. Hybrid printing utilizes the cost efficiency of offset printing for large runs of four colors and adds the benefits of increased responses. Customization and personalization allow for the possibility of an electronic black and white print. Digital printing in black and white is much cheaper than the color digital printing. So, if you’re capable of creating the four-color process shell you could then use digital printing in black and white to design personalized items with a lower cost.

This application is perfect for letters of form as well as gift appeals, personal coupons, and other offers that include bar codes. Color draws attention, but digital color is expensive. Offset printing is static, and is not unique to the person who receives it and doesn’t have the greater response rates that marketers require. Hybrid printing addresses this issue by utilizing the color of offset as well as personalization using an ink-black digital printing process. The benefits are both processes as well as the efficiency and cost of both methods.

The Concept Hybrid printing is great when you’ve got a lot of fully colored items to print, however the personalization is possible in black.


The answer to which method is suitable for you is contingent on the goals you want to achieve. Contact your vendor and share your objectives. A good supplier will be willing to listen and assist you create the most efficient and cost-effective campaign you can.

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