This load of year’s Muslim females have dealt with the issue of tracking down a proper swimwear which sticks to the Koran, which requires a lady to cover everything aside from her face, hands and feet.


The swimwears accessible in the market were either not focused on for the Muslim ladies as they prompted show of skin or were strange for swimming. To suitably depict how awkward the swimwear intended for Muslimahs was I will cite Aheda Zanetti who kept in touch with the National Geographic News expressing “As a functioning Muslim young lady, I thought that it was hard to take an interest in many games, due to all the overabundance garments we were wearing. Furthermore, the cloak very strange when playing sports”.

For a market that was not designated by huge piece of the pie holders like Nike dispersing little organizations stepped up of planning something productive for Muslimahs. Individuals like Zanetti, Oliver Momeni and Hasema saw an extraordinary potential and configuration need in the market of swimwear for Muslimahs. Zanetti, is the proprietor of Ahiida, an Australian organization that plans ladies’ athletic apparel. Oliver Momeni began his endeavor of Bodykini in 2007, situated in Spain and Hasema a Turkish organization began planning a line of swimwear for men, ladies and children. Among this load of items the most appreciated and evaluated is “Bodykini”.

Without a doubt, Oliver had the help and assessments of his Iranian relatives and an encounter of more than 20 years in the family material business. Prior to planning the end result “Bodykini”, Oliver directed a ton of statistical surveying and held discussions with numerous Muslim ladies. Over the span of his time, he took in the significant characteristics focused on while planning the bathing suit. He planned Bodykini which is a finished mix of a bathing suit that looks extraordinary, intended for unassuming solace, sticks to Islam’s practice and above all allows ladies to swim with no dread.

It does as such by eliminating all the overabundance texture that the past swimwear gave like the cloak, jeans and skirts. Oliver joined everything into 2 fundamental garment: a shirt with a hijood that fills in as a tight headpiece, which solidly lays on the head without slipping and a gasp. The texture utilized is an excellent water-repellent texture that isn’t just exceptionally Chlorine safe yet additionally gives assurance from bright beams. The upside of utilizing a Polyester material is that it has low water sponginess, dries quick and guarantees total stretch every which way prompting happy with swimming or water sport.

The Bodykini comes in two tones to browse and two exceptional highlights. The principal highlight is the two flexible groups that are joined at within the jeans that get fastened to within the suit, which keep the suit from coasting in the event that the swimmer plays out a feet first plunge. The subsequent component is the little pocket with a zipper in the jeans; ideal for keeping little things like keys or cash.

So now, with items like Bodykini both the issues in particular: meeting the Islamic conventional necessities and accessibility of an open to swimming article of clothing for ladies, are settled.

Bodykini is accessible online at Alongside this Bodykini has been dispatched in the Middle East and is accessible in Dubai at Al Boom Marine retail locations or at the Dubai Ladies Club.

Presently, Islamic ladies can stay more dynamic and appreciate the water sports with the force of Bodykini.

The Bodykini unassuming swimwear is getting mainstream among the Muslim populace as well as among that load of ladies who love to cover their bodies and forestall the tans while appreciating the loosening up water.

Having said this, Oliver Momeni isn’t simply being expressed gratitude toward by all Muslim ladies for presenting a particularly brilliant item in the market yet the enormous players are anticipating advance items like Bodykini which is showing a generally excellent hold on the swimwear market. Taylor, of Azizah Magazine, says that

“In an additional 15 years there will be a sizable Muslim buyer market and bunches of interest”.

I believe we’re the place where the Hispanic market was 20 years prior, and today the Hispanic market is a major shopper market.” Further more, Arun Jain, a showcasing educator at the University of Buffalo in New York State, concurs and expresses that given the development capability of the Muslim people group in the United States, significant active apparel producers could be passing up a chance to break into a developing business sector. Also, something beyond the Muslim ladies the advanced world ladies containing Christian, Jews and others don’t want to flaunt their bodies and endeavor to be unassuming.