Rig Electrician Jobs on the Offshore Drilling Rigs

The job of an electrician is important in both the home and in industry. To determine how to best install and maintain the system, an electrician will review schematics and plans.

A foreign electrician may require more experience than the average electrician. You are unlikely to be required to work in tight places or near the ocean.

Safety equipment must be used. There may be situations where you need to work in tight spaces, or high above ground. You will need to perform many tasks. You might work on computerized equipment one day and then on laundry or cooking systems the next. Not only would you have to deal with water and work but also the weather.

Rig electricians are often required to work in many different environments. You might find yourself working in cramped quarters in a hot room. You might be in tight quarters in a hot rig room the next day. Then you’ll be working in a kitchen with the equipment. The next day you might be outdoors at high altitude. Weather can be an issue when you are a rig electrician.

You may be required to work outside in severe weather conditions or extreme cold. Weather doesn’t affect the job.

You will need to navigate a variety of wiring and systems. It is important to have a good understanding of both wiring for cooking and laundry as well as HVAC. It is important to complete all work on time. Your rig electrician job will require you to do many of the same tasks as on the shore. The wiring and controlling machinery must be installed to ensure safety.

You will be compensated with room and board as well as other benefits. These are the three types of jobs: Chief Electrician (85,000-85,000), Electricians (66,000-63,000) or Electrical Technicians (43,000-45,000). It’s not terrible.

Offshore rig electrician jobs are in high demand. If you’re qualified, an exciting career as an offshore-rig electrician could be yours.

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