Sanitary Pads Absorbency Test – Anion Vs Always

Likely the main nature of a sterile cushion is ABSORBENCY. All things considered that is the reason we use them – to keep us dry. douchecabine How well do distinctive clean cushions figure out how to do that work?

In this article I will introduce the consequences of a test where we attempted the receptiveness level of an Always clean cushion and an Anion sterile cushion.


We poured a similar measure of water (50 ml) over an Always clean cushion and over an Anion sterile cushion. Then, at that point, we squeezed a dry paper towel against every last one of them to check how much fluid is returning out.


When just taping the Always cushion with a finger, the paper towel got wet, and afterward, when the palm was squeezed against it, the towel was totally splashed.

The Anion Love Moon Sanitary Napkin was tried the same way. The strain was firm to the point that the print of the hand stayed on the towel, without it getting wet. The towel squeezed against the Anion cushion stayed dry.

I will end my article here. There is no requirement for additional words. Realities talk stronger.

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