The term”hair weave” is typically used to refer to the use of synthetic or human hair in order to further enhance the appearance of natural hair by the addition of hairs that are added to the natural hairs , or by covering existing natural hair by using natural or synthetic hair pieces. Today individuals can reach any height to achieve the appearance they desire. However, the main reason people opt for hair weaves is baldness, consequently, adding hair via hair weave are becoming popular with all ages. hair weave

Different types of hair weaves

There are many motives for people to choose to wear hair weaves. It could be for creating a unique style for their existing appearance, or for the purpose of adding length to their hair, and also in order to disguise the issue of baldness. Hair weaving is divided into two types, which are generally referred to as permanent or temporary. There are many methods to use to weave hair. A few of them are listed below: 1. Women everywhere wear weaves! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity you can think bundles with closure

  • Bondingis an instant method for hair weaving that can add beautiful streaks or even volume natural hair.
  • The process of trackingis braiding natural hairs into concentric circles , the sewing of the braids. The extensions are then tied to the braids. You can opt for a full head , or even leave small pieces of hair.
  • Fusionmethod uses the use of a machine that is almost identical to hot glue guns. The extensions are bonded to the individual hair strands of hair.
  • Nettingis the method of braiding natural hair strands with an incredibly thin net, and after that stylists braid hair extensions into it.
  • Tree Braidingis the addition of synthetic hairs with natural via the cornrows.
  • Clip in and Clip On Hair Extensionsis made by clip-in extensions to natural hair. Every section that starts at the nape of neck is secured by a weft.
  • Lace Extensionsare made from nylon mesh and then formed into the shape of a cap. The extensions are weaved in or secured using specific adhesives.
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