Many of us have been in a situation where we can’t find a friend, relative, or acquaintance no matter how many times we search. There is another resource that can help you locate almost any person who has lived in the United States, even after exhausting all of the online “people locator” directories and white pages. Every person who has ever lived in the USA creates a “footprint”, a record of their identity. Skip tracing Australia

Every legitimate person will use either their assigned name or a nickname alias. Every person has a history file that is associated with them. This “file” cannot be ignored unless they have lived off the radar. The only way to get caught in today’s society without a Social Security Number is to either not apply for one or live in a cave, acting like an animal, or steal the identity of someone else.

Finding an ex-college roommate or romantic interest can be frustrating. All you need is a name and the address from which they lived. This information is sufficient to locate the current location of almost anyone, with few exceptions. Finding people with very common names, such as Bob Smith or Mary Jones, is the biggest obstacle. Knowing their middle name, initial and past addresses is key to finding these people. Although a Social Security Number is the best way to locate a person, this crucial piece of information is not something that most people would use when looking for past acquaintances. Professionals can quickly find out a lot about anyone by using a valid SSN. Skip tracer

If you feel that you have exhausted all options for skip tracing, or you don’t have the time, it is worth calling an expert. They can often locate the person you need in less than 24 hours. A professional skip tracer will often be able to provide the current address and phone number of the individual. A good people search service will also provide you with detailed information about the person, including any real estate and transactions.

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