So You Want to Go Carp Fishing in France?

It’s that time of year again! Carp fishing enthusiasts are scrambling to find a net for French boat pool equipment from which to choose a spot for their fast approaching carp fishing vacation. If you try to find a French fishing site you will see, and many will agree, that it is not an easy task by any stretch that can be imagined. France is such a vast country with so many commercial carp fisheries and public lakes, it really raises a lot of big questions for any beginner or experienced angler! What should we take? Where should we go? How far do we have to go? Which location suits us best? These are just a few of the simple questions one should answer if you want to go fishing in France. Ignore these questions at your own risk, as many trips can be ruined due to inadequate or improper planning. If the first paragraph scared you, don’t worry! In this article, we will help you with a list of useful steps to guide you in getting the most out of your carp fishing trip in France. destinations en France

1) First, I think health and safety is the best place to start planning before our trip! Having an accident and getting hurt or sick in a foreign country, although not impossible, will not be an easy obstacle to overcome. Can’t speak French and test the various resources of medical systems will result in a large chaos, it’s important to buy or the new health insurance you have. It is important to get a good lid of your back on France, to call your phone call you will win the European Coverage (Back) card. Each member of the traveling family will need their own card and, in the case of UK nationals, the card is valid for five years. To make things easier, you can apply for an EHIC by phone, post or through a UK post office. 2) With your health and safety sorted, I think we should now get into the exciting part and start looking for a place for your holiday! We should all jump right into the computer because that’s where I’ll be directing my examples. Now type into the search box “Find French carp fishing ponds” and hit enter! Oh my, looking at the search results isn’t a pretty picture, is it? Pages of French carp fishing spots appear before you, your eyes scan the mix of different spots and the voice in your head throws endless questions at yourself. “Where the hell am I going to start my search from this little one” ! Many locations and many different regions, offering a wide selection of packages, facilities and prices! It’s no wonder that many people who start an offline business try to make it easy on themselves by ditching their schoolwork and sticking to popular sites or where they see the front of their search. on the computer or through them every week. / monthly newsletter. . My advice in this situation is, don’t panic or turn off, just go get yourself a pen and paper and sit down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine or a cold beer and write down everything you want on your fishing trip. your carp. France. Your wish list may not be complete, but be sure to create a wish list that will help you navigate the many French backwaters. On your list may be a good bath, shower or toilet or some may want a pond with fish up to 50 lbs! No matter how many or many contracts you have left on your list, every word written on the sheet will help you find the perfect French fishing game for you!

Here, I’ve listed a few examples of what my fishing buddies and I put on one of our lists, in no particular order of preference:

a) We would like a pond with fish up to 50lb
b) Must have a good bathroom, don’t want to smell bad!
c) Packed food (as we don’t want to cook for ourselves, lots of dishes!)
d) Duration / Travel time = No more than 4 hours from Calais
e) Lake size = minimum 10 acres as it must accommodate 6 anglers
f) Cost of fish = Not more than £350 including food. g) Does the lake have accommodation for fishing guests?