You see it everywhere, the little blue F icons, the red G, the blue bird, the constant “Follow Us!” verbiage from brands and yet you’re still not getting it. What’s so important about Social Media?

Perhaps you or someone you know have or had these types of  Blue Market Media thoughts:

“Social Media is just talking on Facebook or Twitter all day”

“Oh, Brand X has a Facebook page, we need that too! Another free way to push our stuff!”

“We don’t need Social Media! It just gives a public arena for negative comments.”

Sound familiar? Let’s answer them, shall we?

“Social Media is just talking on [insert site] all day”

In a way, yes. However, it is engagement; it’s finding out Blue Market Media UK what’s bugging your customers, what’s making them happy, and also fixing their problems quickly and effectively. It’s not talking about the weather, or what you had for dinner. It’s talking about relevant topics that make sure your customer remembers you in some way.

So really, would you rather be on hold for 30 minutes to talk to a human or gain a direct line of communication access to your favorite brand? Well now you can, and you should offer that for your customers too.

Consider your business meetings where you have face-to-face discussion with potential prospects, gaining their trust by building a relationship, and ultimately converting them into a loyal and happy customer.

Social Media aims to do the same, but now, the reach is instantly around the world and is much, much faster in developing lasting relationships leading to more sales, and more referrals for being on top of their mind.

“Oh, Brand X has a Facebook page, we need that too! Another free way to push our stuff!”

What’s that sound? I hear a loud and annoying alarm bell that’s constantly ringing in my ears. Where’s this bell coming from?

Your pushy marketing messages.

Do not use Social Media as JUST another promotional vehicle ONLY for your promotions. If you saw a page that only had sales talk, would you spend much time on it? What about a page that offers useful tips that help your everyday life or work? Most likely you’ll stay to read the content a bit more to see if it’s relevant to you.

It’s not to say that you can’t push your promotions, you can still do so by seeding it here and there, but you should be focusing on what can help or entertain your customers so that they see you in a positive light, keep you on top of mind, and not just a “company looking to gain my sale”