Buffalo News is among the most popular Gazeteler that circulate throughout Buffalo News, which is a major newspaper in the Buffalo NY as well as the Niagara Falls Metropolitan region. The Buffalo News was found in 1873 by Edward Hubert Butler Sr and began as a newspaper for Sundays. The Buffalo News has been three times Pulitzer Prize winner and was nominated for a finalist four occasions. The newspaper has been awarded numerous statewide awards, competing with other New York City papers among other famous publications that are available (Buffalonews.com). Buffalo.com was established in 1999, and has been among the most popular sites in the Western New York area. The various entities of buffalo.com are shopbuffalo.com, buffalobrides.com, buffalocars, sweetfind.com, homefinder extra, buffalo.com’s petplace and buffalo job search. The Buffalo News holds a prominent place in the news and print media throughout the Western New York area. Buffalonews.com is the site of the newspaper. This is where readers are able to quickly access the most recent news.The newspaper also has a distinct section devoted to sports, just like all the other reputable newspapers that is available. The sports section includes regional, local and national sporting events and athletes. Its Buffalo News sports section covers 120 high schools and more than 2400 teams from their schools and greater than 10 college, and more than 150 of their teams as well as those who compete in the Olympics, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Other sports the newspaper covers include auto racing, fishing as well as horse racing hunts, racket sports as well as skiing, running and sailing (Buffalonews.com). Sports section classified into subtopics like Sabres and NHL, Bills and NFL, Colleges, High Schools Other sports, columns, blogs as well as scores and the 24 hour Sports Wire. It is important to note that the NHL as well as NFL sections are specifically devoted exclusively to Hockey as well as Football news exclusively. High School and College news sections are devoted to all sports played in college and high school. The columns feature special reports of the sports’ report on Buffalo News and they express their opinions on the latest news in sports. The blog sections of Buffalo.com provides readers with an opportunity to connect with each other via comments and to share their views on the latest sporting happenings. The blogs that focus on their football and hockey teams are named Sabres Edge and Billboard, respectively. Buffalo news’ website Buffalo news also features videos that are either an element of the news story or as standalone news clips. The most recent sports clips on the site are about how Sabre performed Sabre this season as well as the punishment that the NFL handed out to the New Orleans Saint’s.
One of the most popular news stories that was published on Buffalo News was published on 21 March 2012. The story was about NFL player New Orleans Coach Payton having been suspended from the duration of the season this year. The ex-defensive coach Gregg Williams is also banned from the league for a long time because of the team’s bounty placement accusations that target players from opposing teams. General manager for New Orleans, Mickey Loomis was suspended for the initial eight regular-season games in 2012, as is the assistant head coach Joe Vitt for the first six games. The Saints will have to pay the penalty of $500,000 and forfeit draft picks in the second round this year and 2013 as a result of the same problem (Buffalonews.com). This is among the most severe punishments that the NFL has handed out in the same reason. The incident has shocked football fans. According to news reports on Buffalo.com as well as other sources the New Orleans team was involved in a bounty program for opponents. The bounty is a way of paying to the players who injured opponents. The majority of players on the New Orleans team would be being investigated due to this incident. The bounty was imposed on four quarterbacks from teams that were in opposition; Brett Favre, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers and Kurt Warner (Buffalonews.com). The sports journalist, Mark Gaughan, at Buffalo News has shared his thoughts regarding the matter as follows “The Saints have the misfortune of being caught in the middle of a time when it is clear that the NFL finds itself in an extremely delicate position regarding player safety. The league is facing many lawsuits filed by the former athletes whose bodies have been damaged and broken as a result of concussions. Goodell used a perfect time to enforce the law” (Buffalonews.com)
There are numerous articles on the above-mentioned incident related with Saint’s New Orleans. There are numerous blog articles that NFL fans have expressed their opinions on the matter. Columnists are also expressing their views on the news story as well. The harsh punishment handed for this NFL team has sparked a lot of opinions as people react in various ways regarding the issue. Many people believe that the NFL took the right choice in suspending the high-ranking officials of the Saint’s team however, some feel that the punishment handed to the team is excessive and that they should reduce it down a few steps. The issue has created concerns about the ethics of the teams of today’s sports. The use of illegal and unethical practices like bounty-placing is a crime and one that’s not to be brushed on. The fans of the Saints team are stunned by the details. There will be further investigations regarding team members involved as part of the bounty placement incident. The Buffalo News is covered extensively on the subject and updates are posted often.
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