There are two kinds of wig materials – synthetic hair and real human hair. Many people assume that human hair wigs are always superior to synthetic ones, glueless wigs but in reality, it’s not that easy. The right choice is contingent on what you’re looking for to get from the wig the way you will use it and the amount of time you are willing to devote to maintaining it.

Human hair Hair wigs

A majority of the human hair hairwigs available on sale are made of Asian hair. The majority of them originate from China but higher-quality Asian hair is sourced from women from India and Pakistan. Asian hair, by nature is straight, thick and typically dark in shade. Naturally, this hair is perfect for straight black wigs. However to create a curly, blond the wig has to undergo several bleaching processes as well as different chemical processes. In the end, the hair becomes damaged and a wig which looks fantastic when it’s brand new may become dull within some months.

The finest hair that is of high-quality for European-looking wigs is in Eastern European countries, like Poland and Russia. The price is higher than Asian hair because in these countries , not as many women will sell their hair. Wigs made from European hair will last for longer, and are softer to the feel.

If you are purchasing human hair wigs make sure you discover the region where the hair comes from. If you’re willing to invest a few hundred dollars for the wig, it’s ideal to choose one that is made out of European hair. If the label on the wig says “human hair wig” without indicating the source of the hair, it’s likely made of Asian hair.

Human hair wigs have many advantages:

  • A human hair wig will last longer than synthetic ones
  • Human hair is soft and natural to the touch.
  • A human hair wig is be dyed and styled exactly like your hair
  • Human hair wigs “breathes” which means that your scalp doesn’t sweat so much.


  • A human hair wig has to be styled at least once per wash
  • Human hair wigs are costly

Synthetic hair

Although there are numerous styles of synthetic wigs but the fact is that not every synthetic fiber can be made in the same way. For example, wigs that are costume-related for Halloween tend to be constructed from less expensive fibers. They aren’t expensive and look like an actual hair wig. If you are planning a Halloween celebration, it’s okay, but for everyday daily use, you need one that appears like it’s grown over your head. The good news is that modern synthetic materialsthat are utilized in the top-quality designer wigs, look real.

Look for reputable wig brands such as Aspen, Revlon, Norico or Beverly Johnson, and you can get the natural look for a price that is affordable.

A synthetic wig has numerous advantages:

  • Easy maintenance – the wig maintains its style even after washing
  • Lower price


  • You shouldn’t style synthetic wig using iron because it’ll burn
  • A synthetic wig lasts just a few months even if you wear it every day

I personally prefer synthetic wigs since it isn’t the case that I use them all the day , but only when I’m trying to appear different. Additionally, the ease of maintenance is an essential factor for me. If you are looking to purchase to wear a wig for a fashionable accessory or in which you can express your self, I’d highly recommend purchasing several synthetic wigs of various styles and colors, instead of the one human hair hairwig at the same amount. However, be cautious – only select the best quality synthetic tresses, which are more expensive as you might be disappointed by the new style you’ve chosen.

Synthetic Vs. Human hair wigs – cost considerations

A decent human hair wig will be likely to cost more than one made of synthetic. It is due to the supply of hair. Although synthetic fibers are made as needed but long hair of women, with good quality, is available in scarce supply. The highest-quality human hair comes originated from Eastern Europe, is very scarce.