Prospective visitors to Tanzania often wonder about the quality & safety of food in continents such as Africa. Please be assured that the preparation and quality of food in all the luxury camps, lodges, and budget safaris we offer strictly adhere to strict sanitation and high food hygiene guidelines. All our East African destinations offer a delightful and colorful selection of local dishes alongside European cuisine prepared by experienced chefs knowledgeable in international standards and preferences.  There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread on safari, a full English breakfast, with options to suit all tastes and preferences; be it meat lovers, vegetarians, or vegans.   Tanzania is a great destination for Vegetarian Food. The country is rich with an amazing assortment of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits, with a varied assortment of delicious recipes that you are sure to enjoy.   According to the latest research on travelers visiting Tanzania, it has been found that nearly 40% of the total visitors are vegetarians. The assortment of African, Indian, and European vegetarian options offers a huge assortment of tasty, spicey (if that is your preference), colorful, healthy, and delicious meals –  as well as vegan.  Effective Communication Is […] read more