Why is it that we must travel? What makes it so crucial that we at least once in a while alter our surroundings and explore other countries? It is an essential requirement for our mental well-being to travel?

The importance of travel is often overlooked by a lot of people. It’s not just about being enjoyable, fun and entertaining. In our modern life styles and working conditions it is now more than just an alternative. It’s more than having fun. It is more than just having fun. Augustine of Hippo stated ” the world’s a book , and those who don’t travel, read just the first webpage. “a” While traveling, you have the opportunity to experience things you would normally not be able to do. When you travel, you are outdoors and are far from computers or televisions. You are likely to interact with different people and different cultures. Travelers travel for various motives. Many travel to have fun and to have a great time. Some travel for pleasure or for pleasure. Traveling can be a means of escape away from the frantic pace of urban life. Many people travel to change and change in a different direction, like Robert Louis Stevenson said “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake”. Certain people are drawn to learning from different cultures, and Mark Twain said ” Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Travel offers the opportunity to explore new things, explore, and feel the excitement of travel.


The world’s population are realizing the advantages of traveling to the point that the industry of tourism is growing globally and is now one of the top industries that earn money in the global economy. This is why travel is increasing year after year. According to statistics released from the World Travel & Tourism Council WTTC the world’s tourism industry expanded by 3percent in 2012 and added $6.6 trillion to the world’s GDP through indirect and direct impact. In 2012 at the very first point ever in history the number of international tourists landed in 1.035 billion.

Here are the major advantages of traveling:

1-Stress ReliefAs you travel far away from the world it is possible to get rid of your worries and begin to relax and unwind. You not only rest the body but your mind. Being able to wake up whenever you want without alarms, not having to be physically present for work, can ease off some of the stress. You can feel an ease. Stress relief is the main motive for traveling. When you imagine you’re heading to Hawaii or Bali You feel a quick feeling of excitement and relaxed sensations. This peace of mind that makes travel a beneficial stress relief. Travel can be stressful, especially if the trip involves a lot of touring or meetings with lots of people. However, stress from travel is different from stress at home since it’s a positive stress. Stress from travel is not associated with anxiety or stress.

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Traveling is an excellent opportunity to be in touch to nature, which is beneficial for relaxation both physically and mentally. Nature provides a stimulus to activate you right-brain. Dominance of the right brain is a of the main reasons for stress relief. Additionally, when traveling, there isn’t any sense of urgency, which is normally related to home-based behavior. The change of scenery is in itself beneficial for alleviating stress.

2 Physical Benefits:You are more active when you travel. You are more likely to walk when using the subway or walking the streets of a historical city or visiting museums. When you swim or lay in the sun, you receive an abundance of Vitamin D from sun. This is something that is beneficial to your bones as well as your positive mood. Traveling outdoors could reduce the risk of developing diabetes, aid in weight loss, and decrease cholesterol levels. Medical experts suggest traveling every six months to maintain heart health and heart. There are studies that show that travel can even help you sleep better.

3Cultural BenefitsSometimes we require being completely anonymous. Sometimes we wish to be completely free of any obligations. Traveling gives you the chance to exercise while experiencing new people and different culture. You’ll be able to see the ways that different people reach their goals in different ways. You’ll discover new concepts that you’ve never heard of before.

4-Relationship BenefitsTraveling with a partner and sharing the same experiences and events will strengthen your bonds. 93% of young people aged 8-18 believe that travel is “a quality time” spent with their parents. 3 out of 4 parents believe that family trips are beneficial for their family. Making new friends in new places can create a long-lasting friendship for many.

Five HappinessMany people associate their happiness to traveling. More than half of the adults buy souvenirs only to keep a memory of their trip. Many travelers save photographs of their travels to help remember the experiences that involve experiencing new cuisine, breathtaking landmarks, historical sites as well as new music. This is one reason why traveling can be addicting, particularly if you have the time and money. It’s now a passion for a lot of people across the globe.

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